2N Ethernet to Two Wire Adapter

Model: 01404-001

Category: Door Entry, Intercom Accessories

Brand: 2n, An Axis Company

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2N® 2Wire is a set of two convertor units that lets you connect any IP device installed at locations with no IP infrastructure to your network. Connect the device, such as an IP intercom, to one unit and a switch to the other unit. Then connect both convertor units to each other using the existing analogue wiring. This will transmit audio and video as well as supply power.


  • Ethernet including PoE over 2 wires
  • Long reach
  • Up to four sets per installation

Main Features

  • Connect any IP device using a two-wire or coaxial cable, even in an analogue environment, or a site with limited IP infrastructure.
  • You can connect up to four pairs of 2N® 2Wire convertor units to a single switch. This means you can connect an intercom to several answering units as well as an IP camera.
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Reliability
  • Powering the IP-connected devices via PoE is possible up to a distance of 720ft, twice the maximum Ethernet specification cable length.
  • Easy installation
  • Utilize existing cabling
  • Includes: adapter plug and high-quality connectors

Application/Usage Intercom System
Brand Name 2N
Category Type Intercom Accessories
Manufacturer Axis Communications
Model 01404-001
Product Type Intercom System, Ethernet to Two Wire Adapter
Vendor Name 2n, An Axis Company